What is your true self, stripped from expectations of what you should look like, be like, feel like? We believe that being you, the raw you, is enough. Just as you are, right at this moment. 
All identities - all YOUR identities - deserve to glitter. The cute ones, the subtle ones, the fierce, cunty, and devilish ones. Wear them proudly with a brand that celebrates everything that makes you you.


Our philosophy has its roots in voguing, a dance style that originated from ballroom culture in the 1970s’ New York. Vogue’s originators, mostly black queer women known as femme queens, came from an inclusive, come-as-you-are ballroom subculture where homophobia, transphobia, racism and body shaming don’t have a place. Ballroom embraces all minorities and provides members with support in families known as Houses. 
It is through voguing that our founder, Monika, discovered freedom in her feminine expression. 


Monika is a dancer, choreographer, and entrepreneur. She fell in love with voguing and decided to bring it to Slovakia, her home country in Central Europe. She established the first local Kiki House of Velvet with her friend Viktor and started organizing voguing balls in Bratislava. Since 2016 the balls take place once a year and they hold the name Ball of Shame. That is the reason why she is recognized as a pioneering Mother of Slovak ballroom scene. Both Monika and Viktor are also members of The Impeccable Haus of Tisci.
Monika’s goal is to create a safe space for her community where everyone “too different” can fully express their uniqueness. To support her beliefs, she created the first collection called PUSSY IS A FEELING. This expression is her favourite one used in voguing balls to describe the feeling on the floor. You just need to know how good it is to feel “pussy”.

What started as a T-shirt with a catchy claim is now a movement celebrating authenticity: a clothing brand for LGBTQ+ people, women, men, non-binary people and anyone with an open mind. We believe giving back to the community is very important nowadays. That’s why we will be donating a percentage of our revenues to Slovak LGBTQ+ NGOs every month.


Our first-ever collection is dedicated to the feminine principle that lives in all of us, far beyond our physical bodies. We created it to empower all women, men and everyone in between to draw from their bold femininity. PUSSY IS A FEELING is first of all an attitude! 

This collection bursts with sass and excitement, with a cute little word-play twist. Ready to celebrate your true self? We CUNT WAIT!